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18 October 2015 @ 01:41 pm
...Yep, still obsessed with Darksiders.  
It's getting better though! On Tuesday Tales of Zestiria comes out for the PC, which I have preordered. That means I also get Symphonia PC for free, so I shall livestream it and get all my other friends into the Tales series as well. Muahahaha. Anyway, I'm really, super excited for Tales of Zestiria-- my first Tales since Vesperia! ...I also watched about five minutes of Tales of Xillia 2, and now I want to play that as well HAHAHA sob I need a PS3.

I made an RP account for Uriel from Darksiders (an arbitrary choice, since there are already like five of each Horseman around) and my regard for her skyrocketed accordingly. She spends the entire game doing nothing but getting in your way and trying to kill you, and then in about two seconds in the ending she solves every single problem she helped create alongside several she had nothing to do with.

Out of context it sounds hilarious: she murders the hero and then starts the apocalypse, and it's one of the most triumphant moments in the series XD She swore a Death Oath against War earlier in the game because she thought he'd started the apocalypse and gotten her crush killed, and when War informs her that it was in fact her crush who did that (and then became a demon haha sob) she does a complete 180 and never looks back. She gets over that guy so quickly XD; And then she fulfills her Death Oath while the Watcher is torturing War, and then shatters the Seventh Seal, starting the apocalypse properly and resurrecting War/giving him his power back. It's great. Uriel is great.

ANYWAY an idle thought resulted in a full-blown AU fanfic about Uriel and her crush basically re-enacting the tale of Beren and Luthien from Tolkien mythos, which I am still in the process of writing. Fortunately the tale gives me a pretty good outline, which makes writing the thing a whole lot easier, ahahahaha. Should be 16 chapters. I'm on chapter 6. It's 9000 words long. I'm really on a roll here. It's so nice to be writing again.

Hm, what else... Provided I pay attention, I should have less trouble keeping my grades up than usual this semester. XD; So that's good! I think things have been going pretty well for me lately. The big thing happening is Tales of Zestiria right now, so if I post again expect some of that next time XD;
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Lucky_Ladybug: snakesinsaneladybug on October 18th, 2015 10:52 pm (UTC)
Wonderful! How exciting when games are available for the PC ... and another comes free!

It would be great if consoles didn't cost so much. Sigh.

Wow. It's amazing that Uriel actually believed War when he told her the truth of it. But yes, working with a character often does make them much more interesting! That's how I became obsessed with Snakes Tolliver in my icon. (And then I became obsessed with his actor too, heh.)

Wow, that is quite the fic you're planning! It's so liberating to be on a writing roll.

That's great that life has been good for you lately! Always a lovely thing.
NortheasternWind: Yggdrasillnortheastwind on October 20th, 2015 06:58 pm (UTC)
I know! First Tales game on the PC ever! *__* And yeees symphonia is terrific I am super happy about it

T__T They just keep getting more expensive by the generation, too...

I've thought about that too, since she apparently didn't believe him beforehand XD; Oh well... And yeah it does! HAHAHA now you have a new actor to trace back to every thing he's ever been in. I hope it's mostly good stuff XD

Yup! It really is! I'm super excited, I really want to finish a chaptered fic this time. XD;

Yup! Thanks! I hope it stays this way, haha.
Lucky_Ladybuginsaneladybug on October 20th, 2015 10:43 pm (UTC)

Yeah, they totally do. $400 for a console, ugh.

Hmm, that definitely makes it even stranger. LOL.

Well, he's not a new one, per se, as I've been obsessed with him for a couple of years. ;) Last year I made a plushie of one of his characters. And I've written literally over 100 short stories about said character. I actually completed a 100 fics challenge. And squeee, yes, he is generally in awesome stuff!

Good luck! Completing one is such a feeling of satisfaction.