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28 March 2016 @ 10:19 pm
so i'm playing Arkham Knight and  

if you think i have any idea what's going on then i hate to break it to you

As for some updates, my cousins came over for Christmas and New Year's! ...I got sick on New Year's! I'm still coughing a little, as usual! We got a new doctor (because our old one of twenty years died bless his kind soul I miss him) and he says it's probably either asthma or acid reflux. ...I kind of hope it's asthma, because I strongly suspect I will be forced to give up chocolate if it's acid reflux. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure that's exactly what it is...

I'm taking the semester off and searching for a job. So if you see me online at times when I shouldn't be, that's probably why. I'm not skipping class, honest!

I got into Elite Dangerous, which... have I posted about that here? It's a space game that's described as Han Solo Simulator If Han Solo Never Met Luke Skywalker, but I've never seen Star Wars so I couldn't tell you how accurate that is. You can go to every star in the Milky Way if you want, it's pretty fun.

I'M STILL ON A ROLL WITH DARKSIDERS FANFICTION. I've posted like... nine so far, and I'm almost done with my multichapter one! That'll be my first finished multichapter fanfiction ever! Also I have a new RP partner who is terrific and lightning-fast with the boomerang tags, and I've discovered that I actually make a better Abaddon than Uriel. Oops.

Speaking of that, I'm at [community profile] castle_perrault  with Uriel and Dhaos! It's only a dressing room, so come join us if you want! We have a bat!Batman...

Speaking of Batman, the Batman cartoon from 2003 is on Netflix and as a result it's gaining popularity on Tumblr. WHICH MAKES ME SO HAPPY. We need more Batman reboots like that, man.

SO IN OTHER WORDS NOTHING MUCH IS HAPPENING but I'm almost done with Arkham Knight and I will probably give an update on that when I finish it. It's been lots of fun so far!
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful