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13 May 2016 @ 01:13 am
I have a new rp game.  
It's [community profile] littlehades , where your character dies and is either:

1. sentenced to Hell
2. gets caught up in bureaucracy and becomes a Limbo Case
3. transfers in from Heaven for... whatever reason

Somewhat predictably, I am playing Abaddon from Darksiders. It should be fun!

There's... not much else to report, to be honest. I've been steadily collecting mythical pokemon from the Mystery Gift events, and I also have a Shiny Xerneas from the event going on right now! I only have three pokemon left for the Hoenn pokedex, so that'll be my next goal. Trade evolutions, argh.

Sun and Moon! I'm so excited! I think maybe I'll go for Moon, because moonbat. I AM THE NIGHT.
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