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09 November 2016 @ 11:42 am
Brief, non-politics related updates:  
 Because the political post is coming later after work. Just a heads up.

1. I'M BACK ON MY MEDICATION I don't know if I ever mentioned but wow keeping up was hard but now it's easier and my life is much better as a result lmao

2. I HAVE A JOB it's basically minimum wage but at least it provides structure to my life

3. I APPARENTLY SUFFER FROM SIGNIFICANT ANEMIA SOMETIMES but i'm taking iron supplements and that's a non-issue either

4. I BOUGHT OVERWATCH. I strongly suspect I will be using it as a vent fantasy in the near future

5. I CAN'T ACTUALLY PLAY OVERWATCH because my computer is sort of broken. I'm getting the new, non-broken part in the mail Friday. I can't believe this.

6. I HAVE MY VERY FIRST, REAL, ACTUAL SHIP THAT I ACTUALLY SHIP AND DON'T JUST GO ALONG WITH BECAUSE IT'S CANON OR I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH IT. It's Reaper76. Let Gabriel Reyes return to the good side. Give me the villain redemption story. I need it. please

7. ??? The Philippines also elected a military dictator to the Presidency. I know that's political but just so you know lol.

8. I need an Overwatch icon I love Reaper he's so good and pure